Girls Safe House History

Rosalba Pérez Gómez, General Director, opened the Asociatión Jireh Provisión de Amor safe house as an answer for endangered girls, orphaned through the atrocities of war. As victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment, many found themselves without a place to go. Left without protection, girls were sexually abused and molested. They experience the unimaginable horror of human trafficking and exploitation of children in South America. The stories of the girls who have encountered the love found within the walls of the Provisión de Amor are heart-wrenching. As we come to know their backgrounds and testimonies, we are astounded to learn how they were literally grasped from the hands of those who exploited and abused them.
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Country/Location Facts

Cota, located in the Central Savanna Province, is a densely populated outskirt of Bogatá, the capital city. It was founded November 29, 1604. According to the 2015 census, the population for the town and surrounding area is 24,916. This metropolitan city boasts a suffocating population of 1,200 people per square mile.

Colombia has been a country at war for over 50 years. This turmoil leaves a legacy of abuse, displacement by violence, orphanced children and high risk individuals.

Provisión de Amor provides a wonderful, loving environment located in a beautiful setting on a hillside in Cota. Girls who have successfully completed the program have moved on to higher education and vocational opportunities. In spite of their prior conditions, some of the residents have placed in the top ten percentile within the country. Thereby, they receive scholarships to presitigious schools in Colombia.

Although out of harm's way, they are still in need. The safe house is lacking some amenities. The girls at Provisión de Amor shower with cold water everyday. Yet, they refuse to complain, however, because they feel blessed to be where they are.

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